care granit worktop 700x394 2Natural Stone is not only the worlds strongest, most durable and reliable building material, it just happens to also be one of mother natures most beautiful and intricate creations!

If you have beautiful marble or granite counter tops, or are considering it for a future project, you may be wondering how to care for natural stone.
Heres what you should know: Marble and granite are mined from the earth. This means they are 100% natural. Although every material has a different composite, density and texture, natural stone is a porous material that requires maintenance.
But heres the good news: It is extremely easy to maintain your new marble and granite counter tops looking shiny and gorgeous for many years to come.

Your Maintenance Weapons

  1. You will need a good quality stone cleaner safe enough to use on a daily basis. You can purchase these at any home improvement store or anywhere you buy your cleaning products. Just look for “Safe for natural stone” in the information bar. We also like Windex ammonia free, works very well.
  2. Some stones can appear to get dry after some time. It is handy to have a quality stone polisher that you can be used every so often, maybe once a week or every time you feel your stone needs a little umph. A polisher is simply a creamy liquid you apply over the surface of your stone to give it a little extra boost and shine.
  3. Lastly, a professional stone sealer is key! Your fabricator (We hope that you choose us!) should completely seal you counter tops prior to installation or at the time of installation. This insures your counter tops is completely protected and ready to use when the project is complete. A sealer is simply a liquid chemical that is used to penetrate and “seal” the pores of the stone to prevent stains. Depending on the type of stone you have selecting, you can reseal as often as once a year, or every couple of years as you see fit.

Common Myth: Sealing will make your stone indestructible.
Avoid using abrasive or antibacterial products such as Bleach and 409. These are too heavy and will dry out your stone. Every time you wipe with a product that is unfit for natural stone, you will be removing the sealer causing your stone to be unprotected.
We also recommend you take the small but necessary steps to protecting your stone such as using coasters and cutting boards. If you spill wine, juice, oil, or any other liquid that could potentially harm your stone… simply wipe the area with water or stone cleaner before it has time to penetrate and dry.