worktop offcuts near meYou should be little patience and determined to find worktop offcuts near me as per your requirements. Worktop offcuts are not easily available at all large stores and suppliers. You have to make sure that you choose what you need and find the marble store that has this type of worktop offcuts for sale. These offcuts are available in different sizes. 

Clearance worktop offcuts near me

In case you are looking for larger offcuts then the best thing is to look for clearance section. There you can find a large variety of larger offcuts. Don`t get it wrong, they are offcuts of quality material which is just being leftover from bigger projects and the companies are offering it for discount. The only reason of offering them for less price is that they are not of standard sizes or in some cases they are end of line product.

Chopping Boards

If you are looking for some smaller worktop offcuts near me, then you should look it into chopping boards section. Here you can find small wooden pieces which can be used for several DIY project at home. The good thing is that you can get these small offcuts of same material in which a full worktop surface is available.


If you think that you can make kitchen shelves with the help of worktop offcuts then floating shelves will be a good idea. Other than this you can also choose wall mounted shelves as well as bespoke kitchen shelves with these worktop offcuts near me.

Stair Cladding

A worktop offcut can be perfectly used for making stair cladding. You can measure and alter them as per your requirements. They are also offered by many supplier in pack of 12, 14 or 15. Every pack has two solid oak pieces one of which is 195mm wide and the other is 300mm wide.

Table Tops

Another use of worktop offcuts can be their use as table tops. If you are fond of DIY projects and looking to make a DIY table then these offcuts can surely help you a great deal. You will get a beautiful and strong table top because these offcuts are of highest quality of material. You can get these worktop offcuts near me in different shapes like rectangles, squares and circles.

Bespoke Cutting Services

If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned shapes and uses of worktops offcuts, you can also hire cutting services to have a tailored made offcuts. You don`t have to worry about anything because cutting is done by a team of experienced and professional workmen with the help of latest technology. They ensure that this cutting is done with precision as well as by maintaining the quality.

So these are some uses of worktop offcuts near me, from which you can take advantage. Even if you are not satisfied with these options and you need something else, then you can do it, there is no limit. The only thing you have to do is to find the best quality offcut for your use.