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Traditional or modern? Child-friendly?
With so many choices, your answer to these types of questions will help you decide on the right kind of countertops.
Appearance and appearance? 
If you like a traditional look, marble or granite countertops are ideal. For a modern look we recommend quartz, artificial stone or granite.
If you are artistically gifted and you want something creative and unique, then natural stone is the ideal material, because it gives you the freedom to do more creative work.

~ What is your lifestyle?
Are you a person who travels a lot? If so, choose a low-maintenance product. Solid surfaces such as quartz, artificial stone and granite(ultra-compact surface) require very little care. If you do not mind to give your countertop a certain amount of care, then your options are so numerous and wide. Porous and not so porous natural stones for ideal worktop are granite, slate and marble.
Such countertops must be regularly impregnated so that the stains and discoloration can be avoided.

~ Family and household?

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Some kitchen worktops are not as kid-friendly as the others. The sensitive materials for countertops are marble , some types of granite and wood. Wood panels are not resistant to heat, hot pans or pots.
If your budget is big, consider  expensive kitchen worktops such as natural stone worktops ( granite, slate, marble), artificial stone ( Silestone, Caesarstone ) or even granite (ultra-compact surface).
Those who are on a smaller budget can find a very nice natural stone kitchen counter and install it yourself, although we recommend a professional installation.
Answer these questions to narrow down your choices and the final decision will be easier! A variety of materials, colors, patterns, styles and prices mean that there is a wide selection of kitchen worktops for every home.