Most of you are well aware of the granite worktops, but some of you may have little doubt or confusion regarding the granite offcuts that what are they and how can they be used in an effective manner. A granite offcut is basically an odd piece of granite which is produced as a byproduct of any large project. For example if a person ask the supplier to provide him a worktop of specific demission, then he should have cut that piece from a larger granite piece, anything that is left behind from this cutting will be known as off cuts. These offcuts are available in various sizes depending on their cutting process. If you require, you can easily find granite offcuts by just doing an online search “granite offcuts near me “.

Granite Offcuts Uses

There is no limit of ideas about how to use these granite offcuts. The only thing that you have to think is that for which project you want to use them, or what offcuts are available at hand, which you might have purchased from some sale. Some common ideas of using granite offcuts near me are as follow:

  • Vanity Tops

  • Speaker Stand

  • Fireplace Hearths

  • Window sills

  • Coffee Table

  • If you are looking to have a small granite worktop for you kitchen, even then you can use these off cuts.

Granite offcuts near me

Cost of granite off cuts near me

The cost will depend on number of factors, like the piece you select, its size as well as any additional work that is to be done for bringing it to use. Once you have decided your offcut piece then you will be able to negotiate the price of your selected piece if required. Mostly you will get the offcuts for cheap, because they are a side product of an original project so the companies are not trying to take some extra advantage out of them and are happily put them on sale.