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Resistant to acidic agents

Granite is a porous, acid-resistant surface: vinegar, laundry detergents … and other everyday products.

Absolute hardness

Granite is a hard material. It is certainly the most resistant and the heaviest.

Resistant to thermal shock

It does not keep traces of burns. Ideal for a kitchen worktop, the granite is resistant to elevated temperatures.

Really usable as a work plan

Plans of granite work do not stick. Ideal for cooking, pastry (except for the aged) …

Easy maintenance

Granite worktops offer easy maintenance with all common non-abrasive cleaners. However, the degree of porosity varies from one granite to the other and requires the use of an anti-stain surface treatment

Many nuances

The granite is available in assorted colours and shades: consult the colour chart

Worktops, different finishes


Polished Finish

Polished top worktops are smooth and shiny with reflections. A classic of the kitchen worktop. This finish is very easy to maintain.

Leather Finish

A matt finish, textured according to the colours, the granite worktop leather finish is obtained thanks to a recent process of special abrasive which makes it a very trendy texture. The surface retains a rough appearance but is very soft to the touch.


This finish brings out the grain of the stone making it less slippery and less smooth. Ideal for floors and floors.