Today, the kitchen is a multifunctional space and our food point. In the kitchen, the whole family meet, chat with each other, celebrate birthdays and celebrate together. But that was not always so. Over time, the history of kitchen and cooking have changed …
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Up to the First World War the housework of paid house-girls or toddlers was done in middle-class families. After the Second World War these professions disappeared largely and the women were assigned a new role. “Children, kitchen, church” was their new function in the household. Cooking and cleaning was declared a love service. The maid and the house maid, as well as the maid, became the house maid.

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The spatial concept of the apartments, which were created at this time, reflected this development. In aristocratic and middle-class families the kitchen had to be large enough to serve as a place to stay and work. The rural kitchen had also been built as a food point. In the post-war years, the kitchen was reduced to a single workplace by the woman and was separated from the remaining rooms in the apartment.
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1910 Electric toasters conquer American households.

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1920 The ” Frankfurt kitchen” – the original type of the built-in kitchen – is installed in the apartments.

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1960 Dishwashers are used in kitchens.

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1970 Microwaves appear in European households.

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1980 Espresso machines are used in domestic households.

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 2017 There are now apps as kitchen helpers.

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