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These granite colours can be grouped into two general classifications: the neutral granite colours and the darker granite colours. Basically, the utilization of the neutral shades of granite is quite different with that of granite with darker colours. Although it is possible to mix and match these colours, design consideration requires us to follow the normal pattern of things to achieve harmony in our over-all decor.
Having stated that, here are the different granite colours and their usual applications. This will help you choose your granite if you are building a kitchen counter, a bathroom counter, a vanity top or similar fixtures in your home.
Granite’s Lighter Colours
Light coloured granites are very flexible and can be used in different applications.

  • Beige Granite– when it comes to decoration, this colour of granite offers more flexibility. This colour ranges from light to dark beige.
  • White Granite – this colour is best if you want a simple, refined and sophisticated look in your room. White granites are very appropriate for modern homes.
  • Gray Granite– gray coloured granite is best in highlighting a simple setting and lending support to a focal point in the room. It also goes well with light cabinetry and glass.
  • Yellow Granite – this granite color is very popular. It will brighten up a room and give it a sunny and warm ambience.

Granite’s Darker Shades
If you really want to make your room very special, it is best to use granite with darker colors.

  • Green Granite – granite with this colour will make your room very extraordinary. With its varying colours of green, it will give your room variety and spontaneity.
  • Gold Granite – this colour of granite will really make your room look rich and luxurious. This type of granite is a best-seller in the United States. It can also blend will with almost any decor in your room.
  • Brown Granite – this is the most widely available colour. It goes well with wood cabinetry with light colour. If you want a classical look in the room, brown granite is the best.
  • Black Granite – this is the best colour that will give your kitchen that modern look, especially if you will install cabinetry with clean, straight lines.
  • Red Granite – red coloured stone exudes excitement and romance. It is the oldest used granite in history, being present in Egyptian pyramids. This granite is best for decorative functions.
  • Blue Granite – this colour is also popular with modern designers. They prefer this granite because of its gorgeous vein patterns.
  • Burgundy Granite – this colour looks like red granite but is as versatile as brown granite. It will look best in kitchen counter-tops and can blend well with stainless steel kitchen appliances.

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