Quartz has increased in popularity in recent years due to its aesthetic visual appeal and high-quality durability. An extremely versatile choice, many homeowners are looking for innovative ways to use this stunning man-made material within the home.

At the Reigate Marble Shop LTD… We’ve teamed up with fine quality stone specialists Cullifords, to look at the Quartz surface trends taking interiors by storm.

Cullifords Quartz_Bianco Eclipsia Breakfast Bar

Clean White Kitchens

As the trend for all-white kitchens continues to grow, consumers are looking for new ways to achieve this stylish aesthetic. The perfect shade for adding a touch of elegance, by introducing a white quartz worktop, homeowners can easily achieve the all-white look within their interior.

For the ultimate in style and luxury, pair the polished stone alongside white cabinetry and brushed brass accents for an on-trend light and airy scheme.

Opt for a slab like Denali Cloud from Radianz with its subtle flecks of gold veining – the gold details will nicely complement kitchens with light wooden accents, warm tones and an abundance of natural light.

To create more of an impact Cullifords’ own Quartz Bianco Eclipsia features striking grey ripples, this bold surface choice will add interest and depth to any space whilst still helping to retaining the all white colour scheme.


Dark and Daring

The polar opposite to white, more consumers are opting for dark and daring interiors that evoke luxury. Perfect for creating an impactful statement, the use of dark stone will add intrigue. Ideal as a colourful accent in a large open-plan space or as a more dominating feature, dark surfaces can be used in a multitude of different ways.

Rich in colour and texture, dark stone surfaces add drama in a tasteful way. Aster for example, offers a beautiful deep black background with a sprinkling of gold and silver notes throughout for a subtle shimmer. Resembling a dark marble, this unique stone would create an ideal feature in any modern kitchen or bathroom.

Alluring Texture

Colour is key when it comes to designing an interior scheme but now more than ever there is a desire for texture. Whether it’s inherent or a trick of the eye, texture will add an instant wow-factor to any space.

From the raw, industrial-inspired Grey Concrete with its white and blue shaded surface to the reflective mirror chip detailing of Grey Mirror – the design possibilities are truly endless with quartz.

A faultless choice for pared-back schemes, texture will make up for lack of decorative items making it an ideal choice for the minimalist homeowner. An ideal choice for kitchen or bathroom surfaces the texture will sit comfortably alongside a muted colour palette or plain tile.

There are so many unique design opportunities with Quartz in many areas of the home. As slabs become more aesthetic and adventurous – with their use of colour, texture and intricate detailing – this man-made stone will remain ahead of the trends for a very long time.