quartz 700x394 1

Mineral countertops feel warm and silky. They require additional sealing. And they impress with their exceptional stability and strength. A generic form is the quartz stone countertop:

Quartz stone is one of the hardest natural materials, and quartz stone countertops are typically 95% natural quartz stone and 5% colour pigments and polymer resins. These resins ensure that the surface is not absorbent and therefore does not need to be impregnated. Dirt, mild or bacteria have no chance to settle.

In general, quartz stone countertops are dirt-repellent and heat-resistant. However, colour changes can occur at longer elevated temperatures. They are highly scratch and impact resistant but not indestructible. Slight differences in the colour of the surface cannot be ruled out but make each plate an unmistakable unique piece.

The cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and commercial household and glass cleaners. Scouring or scratching tools, such as the rough side of a sponge, should not be used, as this could change the gloss of the surface.