If you ask someone that how much a marble worktop would cost then it’s a tricky question, because there are lots of factors that can affect marble worktop prices. The reason is that these worktops come in large variety and range so you don`t exactly tell about prices though you can make a wild guess. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that a material cost is just 50% of its finished product cost. If you are searching the prices of per square meter on the internet, then you can easily multiply it by two when it reaches the end. This extra 50% includes the cost of measuring, installation and finishing the project. So it is not a good idea to just get the rate of square meter, but you should try to get a quote from a reputed company which cannot only provide you the marble but also install it and finish the project professionally.

marble worktop price

Average marble worktop price

As a guess average marble worktop price would be around £315 per square meter. The important thing that you need to keep in mind is that a marble worktop is little difficult to maintain as it is absorbent in nature so can absorb things like food and wine which can also stain the surface easily. If you cannot maintain the surface properly then you have to replace the marble worktop after few years. On the other-hand if you can maintain and clean your kitchen on regular basis, then your worktop can look stylish and beautiful for decades.
Another aspect that can impact the marble worktop price is its dimensions. If the area of worktop is larger and you also choose a thicker material then you have to pay higher price but if the area is smaller or you choose thinner surface then you have to pay less. It is important to choose a thicker marble surface because if you choose a thinner surface for an area more than 30 cm then it can break away if you put something heavy on it. So people mostly prefer to use thicker material for the kitchen worktops. To make your worktop even stronger you need to provide support to the corners.

Mostly people don`t consider the finishing factor when it comes to calculating the marble worktop price because at start it appear to be inexpensive but as the work progress it appears to adding cost. The finishing includes things such as opening for socket, tap, sink and profiles.

These are few factors that can impact the price of your marble worktop. If you think that you can keep your marble clean on regular basis, then it is surely a cheaper option as compare wooden worktop or any other thing because it can last long and can also add value to your kitchen and home. A marble worktop can make your home look attractive and stylish. So calculate the cost or ask a quote from us and get your work started.