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Guide for Kitchen Worktops

Are you looking for kitchen worktops purposes in Guildford? Or if you are based in Guildford and struggling to find professionals in kitchen worktops, here you got the solution at Marble Shop with a wide range of material, colours, and textures.

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Kitchen it’s not just a place to ‘’cook – and – eat’’ but it is one of the most essential places around the house where we spend and enjoy time, celebrate with our beloved people. It does not matter if its big or small place the quality of the products that you will use, have the biggest role.

Start making a big change today by choosing the best materials for your worktops.

So, kitchen worktops need to be resilient, able to withstand life in the hardest working room in the house. Given that it is going to get messy, easy cleaning is also an important consideration.

Customers satisfaction at Marble Shop in Surrey is priority therefore we pick up customers’ needs to make the quality of worktops stand out.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite Kitchen Worktops

For many years granite have been used in both interior and exterior constructions. The main characteristics which make granite unique starts from elegance, strength, and durability. Let us see below an overview of advantages of using granite in kitchen worktops.

Granite is a hard stone

If you are living in Guildford and looking for a long-lasting and cost-effective material for your kitchen worktop, the solution is granite. Granite is known as a strong and durable and you can easily find it at Marble Shop.

Stain Resistance Granite Worktop

Marble Shop team in Surrey gives attention in giving the right sealer to avoid the stain problem. Done properly by Marble Shop team your granite worktop will remain stain resistant.

Heat Resistance Granite Worktop

Granite worktops will not be damaged, they can handle a fair amount of heat. But even they are the most heat resistance worktops its always better to use a protector when we put hot utensils and if accidentally happen to put a hot pan it will not cause any harm.

Scratch Resistance Granite Worktop

Very few minerals can scratch a granite worktop. A little tip for you: It is not recommended to cut directly on the worktop because possibly that will dull the knife and leave a metal residue. Better use a chopping board.

Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble is different from other stones because of its brightness and smoothness. Marble is a metamorphic rock presenting a luxurious alternative to other stone products, with unique colours which give an elegance that no other stone products can have.

Marble has been used for many years and now it has become a more affordable product, suitable for all budgets. Although marble is a more delicate stone, which can be scratched easily than granite, if its professionally sealed will be resistant from scratches. Liquids and especially acids like lemon, vinegar should be wiped straight away to avoid any stain.

Also, marble worktops are heat resistant but despite their ability to withstand high heat it’s not recommended to put hot pans, pots directly on it might damage the colour or the surface.

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Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz Kitchen Worktops

If you are living in Guildford and cannot decide which stone to choose for your worktop here you will find that quartz kitchen worktops not only offer an elegance in kitchen in a variety of colours but also comes with many advantages as stain resistant, strength and scratch resistant.

Practical Worktops

As one of the strongest materials available and hence makes an ideal choice for worktops. Created from 93% quartz combined with 7% resin to bind it together they are extremely hard-wearing and highly practical.

Luxury Quartz worktops

Quartz is a naturally beautiful material and when made into worktops it will give your kitchen a rich, glossy, and luxurious feel. When you decide on your new worktop you will undoubtedly be taking the first step to a magnificent kitchen.

Stain resistant quartz worktops

Your new quartz worktop will save you time and effort due to being extremely easy to care for. No harsh products or chemicals are required, only mild soapy water and a soft cloth. For the kind of person who likes low maintenance products, quartz is the ideal choice.


Most people know about the fantastic durability that quartz has. What is more, with quartz kitchen worktops you have the massive advantage of a luxurious and glossy finish. Advances in quartz technology has also seen the development of finishes with unique textural movement and patinas capturing the look and feel of surfaces such as poured plasters or raw concretes, idea for industrial or urban themed interiors.

Now you will have a better idea whether quartz kitchen worktops are for you. If they are, and you would like some more help and advice, get in touch with the Marble Shop in Surrey team.

We produce the highest quality premium kitchen worktops to your exact requirements and with a professional finish with a large choice of colours. Free delivery in Guildford by Marble Shop offering a wide range of colours, designs, and shades.

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