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6 Reasons to choose a granite worktop

Why a sheet of granite?

Granite worktops are popular and give your kitchen a beautiful, luxurious look. The choice of choosing a worksheet for your kitchen can be difficult. It is therefore good to delve into what a worksheet has to offer. That is why in this blog we give 6 reasons for choosing a granite worktop.

1.    Natural beauty

First, a granite worktop is 100% pure in nature, because the material is not processed. It is a pure beauty as nature has made it. Granite is a natural stone and is found in Belgium, Norway, Sweden and France.

2.    Unique

This natural stone consists of minerals and they also determine the color. This makes every worktop of granite unique. The main colors in which granite is available are black, pink and white. A worktop in a black granite color provides an even more luxurious look and therefore fits best with a modern kitchen style.

3.    Sustainable

The third reason to choose a granite worktop is because it is durable. The proverb says it all: “as hard as granite”. Due to the hardening process, this natural product, sometimes thousands of years old, is tough and very durable. In addition, granite is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and heat-resistant due to this process.

4.    Granite lasts for years

Most kitchens last about 30 years. Some also need a lot of maintenance to stay nice as is the case with a wooden or concrete worktop. This is not the case with granite. Because it is a natural material that is extracted from a single piece of stone, the blade will not show signs of wear quickly. As a result, this worksheet often lasts at least twice as long as other worksheets.

5.    Valuable

With a granite worktop you can be sure that you get value for money. A nice price tag is attached to this beautiful natural stone, but the good news is that they are very valuable. You do not have to replace them, which may be the case with other worksheets. The price of granite is ultimately determined by the value you attach to the rarity and composition of the worksheet. It is also good to know that this beautiful natural stone is often one of the plus points when selling a home.

6.    Maintenance-friendly

The last reason to choose a granite worktop is because of the ease of maintenance. When you have the worktop properly sealed, you have little maintenance on the worktop. This luxurious worktop does not absorb liquids so that no stains can occur. Bacterial growth also stops and you can easily remove the smooth surface with soap and a soft cloth.

Need more inspiration?

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