Granite is associated with massive blocks, strength and resistance to many factors, both natural and mechanical. Its value is also a low water absorption and resistance to chemicals, thanks to the high level of compaction of the material. The big advantage of this material is the ease of cutting and polishing, which then translates into a simple cleaning of its surface. Little known topic of granite is the fact that this stone has very good antibacterial properties.
Its construction and the density is not conducive to the accumulation of bacteria on its surface, which is a unique advantage for those who appreciate especially hygiene and sterility of their surroundings. Its exceptionally high weight makes it a safe material used in both construction and in decorating. Granite stone is also a very high resistance to high / low temperatures. Unfortunately, she hates her too well sudden changes. His weaknesses are also pestles with metal ends. Allergy to this with all our products, because the use of such pestle can result in cracks or splinters on the surface of granite, and this probably want to avoid.
Thinking of marble is often materialise before our eyes a powerful, ancient column of the Acropolis or the colossal palace halls with marble floor and wall embellishments. And there is nothing surprising in this, marble from ancient times was used to build impressive buildings, and many decorative elements, which you can enjoy to this day. What makes this raw material, they are undoubtedly its aesthetic appeal. Marble just beautifully presented and you cannot deny it.
His palette of colours ranges from white to the black, but the most common colours are white, greenish, pink and all shades of these colours. Really, they present themselves beautifully blue marbles, but they are far less frequent. As for the other features of marble, it belongs to them extraordinary resistance to high temperatures and erosion, as you can see on the example of the above-mentioned columns of the Acropolis of Athens.
Marble material is also easily subject to any kind of treatment such as cutting, grinding and polishing. Unfortunately, marble badly tolerate the impact of chemicals and fats. Contact with such substances often results in the appearance of hyper pigmentation, this marble must be cleaned very often and watch for impact, because it is quite fragile.
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