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Granite worktops naturally need protection and care. With the right treatment, the beauty and attractive appearance of your work is preserved and can even be increased even more.
Most manufacturers already have a resin treatment on the granite in the factory. If your worktable is not impregnated, you should do it before assembly. The impregnation should last ten to fifteen years and be oil and water repellent.
Daily cleaning of the granite worktop
Despite impregnation, granite should not be neglected. For the daily cleaning of your granite worktop, use a simple cloth or sponge and clear water. You can dissolve some washing-up liquid in the water and moisten the cloth with the mixture.
Do not use strong citrus or essence and chemical cleaners when granite is being used as they can attack the stone. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaning powder or cleaning pads.
If you spill something on the work surface, dab it off immediately with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Do not wipe the surface as spills can spread.
Additional treatment of your granite worktops
Every few years you should revamp your granite worktop. If necessary, you should perform a deep cleaning and sealing. This is important for the granite worktops to last a lifetime.
The impregnation makes the work surface oil-, grease- and water-repellent. As a result, stains are largely prevented or are easier to remove. The appearance of the granite worktops does not change, some may become slightly darker. This seal is suitable for polished surfaces as well as for rough surfaces. The shelf life remains approx. 3-4 years, depending on the hardness of the hard rock. At the latest, however, when you see that the plate can absorb water again.