White marble worktop kitchen is one of the most liked as well as fiercely debated in home décor. The fact still remains the same, a white marble surely looks wonderful if it is properly looked after. A white marble is mostly used in places of importance like stately homes but this doesn`t means that you can’t have white marble worktop kitchen. If you are also interested in changing your kitchen worktops or adding new one then you can easily go for a white marble as it works fantastically for your kitchen. Are you interested in knowing little more about white marble? Following are its advantages and disadvantages.

White Marble Worktops Kitchen


  • A white marble appears fantastic in your kitchen and can act as contemporary theme with monochrome. It can also be used as a retro theme.

  • Another advantage of white marble worktop kitchen is that its each slab is different than other. This means that you don`t have the same kitchen worktop as your friend or neighbor.

  • As every other product, if you maintain it properly and clean it on regular basis and don`t use any harsh cleaning product on it and also able to avoid rough sponges and clothes, then you don`t have to worry a lot about looking after this surface.

  • If you are fond of baking and love making pastries then you will surely love marble surface as it can constantly remain cool.

  • When you are using white marble for your kitchen countertops, then you are using a material which is never going out of fashion and looks very sophisticated as well.


  • No matter which color of marble you choose, every marble piece is porous. This means that it is that the marble will surely absorb all sorts of liquids which may spill on it. If this remain there for some time then it can cause cracking and breakage, so it’s better to clean any liquid if spills on the surface immediately.
  • As compare to quartz or granite, marble requires excessive care and maintenance. It means that you are required to regularly seal the countertop and be little extra careful.

  • When it comes to cost, white marble worktop kitchen will cost you more as compare to granite or quartz. This doesn`t mean that you don`t install white marble as countertop. You should look for some excellent deals that are actually available in the market but just require some determination and patience.

  • Another thing that you take care of is that don`t put hot pans straight onto your marble surface. Mostly the marbles are not very much heat resistant, so you need to use some heat resistant pads which actually looks very attractive.

Marble Worktops Kitchen

These are some main advantages and disadvantages of white marble worktop kitchen. You can easily find a good wholesale or supplier of white marble, who cannot only provide you the marble, but can also help you with installation process from a team of professionals. The only thing that is required in to contact us today.